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How To Answer Five Of The Most Common Job Interview Questions

  In this episode, we look at five of the most common job interview questions. We start by discussing the purpose of each question from a company’s perspective. Why are these questions valid and how do they help companies make... Read More

How To Answer Five Common Interview Questions (Part 2)

  This is the second part of our ongoing series on interviewing. We dive into why a hiring manager should ask these questions and what they should look for in an answer. We also offer advice to candidates on how... Read More

Lessons Learned From Our First Year Of Podcasting

  We publish our 65th episode exactly one year after publishing our first. In this episode, we look back on our progress, missteps, processes, lessons learned and set some public goals for 2022. — Watch the episode here   Listen... Read More

How Do You Know When It Is Time To Fire Someone?

  Most new managers try to “fix” every poor performer. This is part ego and part naivety that everyone can be “fixed.” But these employees suck up your time as a manager and keep you from spending time with your... Read More

The GROVER Method: How To Connect With Anyone In 5 Minutes

  Whether you are new to an office, leading a new team, or working in sales, connecting with people is critical. And most people are doing it all wrong. In this episode, we bust out a cheat code to help... Read More

How We Raised $2,800,000 In A Terrible Market

  In this episode, we discuss the process of raising private capital for a technology startup in 2022. Frank interviews Ian about the recently closed funding round for Keep, an early-stage tech company focused on car security and monitoring. Ian... Read More

What Is “Quiet Quitting” And Who Does It Serve?

  Quiet Quitting is a viral TikTok concept that is working its way into the mainstream. In a nutshell, “quiet quitting” is about rejecting the notion that work has to take over one’s life, and that employees should ever go... Read More

Can You Run Your Career Like Your Fantasy Football Team? (Repost)

  Frank and Ian compare their fantasy football league to the world of business. Fortunately for Frank, he is much better at execution with his business than he is with his fantasy roster. — Watch the episode here   Listen... Read More

How To Position Yourself For The Next Promotion

  Are you looking to move up in your company? Tired of watching less talented peers get promoted while feeling stuck? This episode is for you. Most decisions to be promoted are made well in advance of the position opening.... Read More
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